Friday, April 06, 2007

Spring Break/Easter Celebration

Another no-pic entry, but I do have a good excuse. You see, I'm about two hours away from home in Wedowee, AL. Why would anyone want to go to some town where there isn't even one traffic light you ask? Well, for one thing, that's where my folks live. For another, there is a fantastic lake (huge, gorgeous and relatively deserted - hehe, except for my relatives that is) that is so beautiful to visit and to top it off, no awful Atlanta traffic! It's Spring break lumped together with Easter. I can't wait til school's back in! Then there would only be one offspring to keep up with.

That's the good news. You'll love the bad news that happened to me the night before we left town.

Okay, you already know from previous posts that we're pinching pennies, right? Normally I go to a fancy shmancy hair place to get my hair cut and colored. This place charges ungodly money for a cut ($55 big ones) and worse for color. I decided to save a buck or two and do it myself. I use to color my hair all the time, several years ago. So, off I went and bought a box of color. Revlon's ColorSilk in Ultra Light Ash Blonde. I'm a dirty dishwater blonde naturally. Huge mistake. From my ears down the hair was the right color, up top? Apricot. Lovely, absofrigginlutely lovely. TIP #3328: You should also never ever color your hair at night. The lighting makes things look better than they are in the day time. Needless to say, the next day I proceeded to go back to Target and, with my eyes pointed down so's not to make eye contact with anyone, went and got what I should've gotten in the first place, L'oreal hair color.

The color was great, the fried split ends, not so great. So, today I made a trip to a different hair dresser and had those trimmed. It's been a hell of a Spring Break for this mom. It's always something with me, ain't it?

While here in the huge metropolis of Wedowee, AL (population 102 or so), I found out my little nephew was in the hospital back in Hotlanta. He's home now and just fine. Then my eldest has a combination of cold/allergy and has coughed his head off for the past three days. Oh, and the littlest got a fat lip from falling down on some toys. I also caught him climbing the staircase at my folk's McMansion. He was halfway up and couldn't figure out how to get up or down. I don't recommend stair climbing as an Olympic sport when you're only 15 months old.

On an upbeat note, everyone still has all their teeth (huge plus in the deep south) and their health is getting better and my dh finally saw a little sunlight at the end of the long dark tunnel he's been working through lately.

The best thing though, the Easter Bunny comes tomorrow night. Yippee! Can't wait to see the kid's faces and to celebrate Christ's resurrection! Life is pretty good over all, especially now that my hair is back to normal. :)

Happy Easter Everyone!
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