Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Here's my WIP: It's the ballet camisole from Magknits. It's about halfway finished. Yeah! It takes me forever to finish a project. I only get a few minutes to work on this each day and I'm a very sllllooooowwwww knitter. Course, it is only my 2nd sweater and third knitting project ever, so at least I have some excuse. (By the way, it's never good to argue with a 1 year old. You'd think that I'd learn. He saw the ball of yarn with this project and yelled out "Bah!". I told him, no, that's not a ball, it's yarn. His response? "Bah!" Then he got mad and demanded the "Bah!", which turned into a temper tantrum over the "Bah!". So, I had to put the whole thing away and out of his eyesight. It just doesn't pay to argue.)

Here's one of my other excuses, the other is at school:

Don't you wish you had hair this fabulous?

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